Hello From Toronto


Handan Karabulut is a senior designer & art director with 9 years of experience. During her career in the advertising industry, Handan worked with famous local & global brands, created concepts for numerous campaigns & provided art direction for many commercial photo shoots - but she never felt fully satisfied by what she was doing.

After working crazy hours over the years, for multiple agencies, Handan was exhausted and feeling sad about the years that had passed by without chasing her dreams. Handan & her husband decided to quit their jobs & take some rest. They travelled around and spent time with friends and family, before deciding to try something new - moving from Tukey to Toronto!

Handan started school at Seneca & found a part-time job at The Paper Place in Toronto - the very first store she visited in Toronto! Handan loved working there from the very first moment! Being in a store, surrounded by paper, journals & greeting cards, she started thinking about creating something new. Customers were always asking about local goods, and Handan decided to make a series of greeting cards that were inspired by Toronto living. 3 of her cards sold out in just one week! Three years later, Handan runs Hello From Toronto, and she adds new cards each and every season!