Lyndsay Hubley Art

Originally from Cape Breton, Lyndsay currently works from her home studio in
 St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia where she lives with her husband & four busy kiddos.  

Lyndsay is a dream chaser — her business is all about heart & she chooses to navigate her days being connected to what she loves & what fills her up the most. Seeking a flexible lifestyle for their growing family, Lyndsay followed her passion & took her art online over a decade ago, which led her into a beautiful, messy, creative life. She now runs a shop  creating, printing, packaging  & shipping her beautiful creations to customers around the world.  

Working in both digital & traditional mediums, Lyndsay spends her days drawing, painting & designing surface patterns – incorporating pretty colors & nature-inspired elements. Her custom designed card collection for Paper Hearts Post Office is a wonderful mix of everything she does best!